How do I get into Information Technology?

Let's count the cost and show you how easy and how doable this is....

Q: I don’t have the money to enroll in the course…

A:  Getting your foot in the door in Information Technology is a tactical decision for people who are hungry to get a head in life.  Information Technology offers a plethora of choices to specializein to increase your yearly salary.   Entry level desktop job gives you a base camp to be in a comfortable environment to plot your next move.  We have trained candidates who have jumped from $35K to $50K in less than a year.  Let’s compare a candidate who pays the small fee for Nail IT Bootcamps vs a tech school student who pays $35K to get an entry level job,  we are confident that our skill set will rival that of a tech school graduate for an entry level position and possibly outpace that student.  Now ask yourself who will be more profitable? 

There are hundreds of thousands of people who would of paid our small fee in a heartbeat rather than have the yoke of student debt.  Myself included.  I wish people knew how solid this training is for the small fee which is peanuts for a new career path.  

Nail IT proudly offers PayPal Credit which allows a candidate to break up our small cost into smaller payments and if its paid before six months there’s no interest whatsoever!,  If you’re not sure, talk to us.  It’s better to ask question so you can see that our fee is a grain of an investment compared to traditional schools.  We’re not a school, we’re more of an online study guide for the interview. t

Q:  After I finish the course, what type of assistance will I get? 

A:  Nail IT is vested in your success.  If we send out underdeveloped talent for the objective of desktop support, then we compromise our brand and our product.  If we feel our candidate is not striving hard enough, expect a phone call to motivate the candidate to do what is needed. 

We are not interested in candidates who are just trying something new.  We want our candidates to be full of passion and are sold out on the objective of gaining IT employment.  We want new candidates to speak with our cadre first so that we can do a one on one consultation to weigh the odds.  Our team will also meet with family members to answer all questions if need be. 

We will set up two mock interviews where  the candidate must get dressed up and answer real world questions that employers will ask via a web interview.  Our cadre will also assist with writing a resume and conveying our accomplishments to prospective employers.  Our candidates will always have access to our cadre after the course to ask a question to make sure our candidates are aggressively seeking the market. 

Q: How will I learn so quickly?

A:  We have a fully funtional Information Technology lab equipped with your own dedicated desktop that you’ll log into from your home.  All you need is a solid internet connection and a home laptop or pc with at least 4gb (Gigabytes of RAM.) You’ll login securely via a VPN (virtual private network) and you’ll be given instruction by repetition and also help desk tickets for you to see exactly what you’ll see at your work for an entry level desktop support technician.

Our bootcamp is nearly all hands on.  We seldom will instruct you of something without you doing it yourself.  We have a pool of trouble tickets and you will close these tickets multiple times in  different scenarios.  Our main objective is burn the task into your muscle memory by a wash, rinse and repeat method, and also to bridge every thing together by knowing what foundational technologies to reinforce.  You will be amazed on how your lingo will change within the first few days.