Nail IT Bootcamps

Getting into the Information Technology field isn't as hard as it seems.

There’s a big difference when you’re going to Technical School to learn a skill or going as a formality to get a degree.  I personally spent $25,000 for 18 months of technical college and come out with an associates degree with little understanding of how a networks functions or how to configure the most basic of functions and settings. After landing my first IT job as a desktop support specialist, I saw a lot of my peers who were taken from existing departments with no experience and were taught the same job without the overhead of student loans with interest.  If I knew then what I know now, I would of never wasted my money!

Nail IT condenses the day to day tasks that a Desktop Support Specialist performs and teaches a little above that level in 4 short weeks to give you the edge in your first IT job interview. We emulate the day to day job as Desktop support so that you learn by repetition instead of trying to satisfy an inflated curriculum to satisfy test scores.  There is nothing like repeating a task over and over so that you’re ready to talk about it when questioned in a job interview. 

The name of the game is the job interview.  We prepare you to nail that job interview by making you repeat the same thing over and over again by repetition and agitation to make you a superior candidate.  You go through our live lab and you’ll get your hands dirty on real world equipment installing it and repairing systems.  You’ll learn how to navigate the corporate environment and also we brainwash you for success and promotion.  We deliver the mindset of betterment and show you how to do it. 


You don't need a degree or certifications to get your first Information Technology job. You just have to know what your talking about in the job interview, and the only way to accomplish this, is to really know what you're talking about. Not because you satisfied a test, but you've performed said tasks numerous times.


This is a bootcamp first and foremost. The sense of urgency is upon all of us to get you into position to be successful. We can't go into the interview for you so you must be willing to partner in your success. We do not coddle in this class, the employer is not going to want to hear excuses, this is the tough love approach to your success. We're putting our name on the line and you are too.


Have a career that is financially rewarding and acts as a base camp to scale the mountain you're climbing. We teach you the art of the diagonal raise that has proved rewarding for our founder and multiple students. Learn the art of strategy to help you and your family. A nail it learner is set apart from his or her peers and is poised for an abundant life.

By the first day I understood what subnetting was which can be very challenging if not taught correctly
Aric C
Bootcamp attendee
Brandon promised me that he would show me how to get a $5 to $8 raise within my first year and he delivered! My first raise after 8 months of my first IT job was just that!
Zeke K
Desktop Support Specialist